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 Can I wear my black leather jacket everyday?

Most leather jackets are now worn as everyday clothing. The leather jacket is a very hard-wearing garment and the more worn it gets, the more attractive it becomes

How do I style a men’s black leather jacket? 

If you have black leather in your wardrobe you are practically sorted for any evening or night time look. It can be worn with virtually anything. You can dress it up with corduroys or dress it down with denim and t-shirts, a black leather jacket for men is a wardrobe must have. 

How to upgrade my basic men’s black leather jacket? 

If you are tired of a basic black leather jacket we suggest getting some color to match your vibe. While your leather jacket can certainly not be dyed, yet a little paint hurts no one. Do a  DIY at home or head over to a leather stylist and upgrade your leather jacket with motifs, roses, inscriptions or anything else you want. 

Does the color of my black leather jacket fade? 

At urban jacket, leather products come in either natural or drum dyed colors that make the products 100% fade proof. The color is permanent and water resistant and survives minimal washes. 

How to restore black leather jacket’s color? 

Restoring the original color of a black leather jacket can be done by using special leather paints. Alternatively, you can head over to your leather specialist to give the best advice. 

How to keep my black leather jacket for men from cracking? 

If you leather jacket is properly sealed with an aniline finish, the chances of it cracking because of prolong wear are quite minimal. However, another way to keep your jacket from cracking is by keeping it away from dirt and impurities.