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Women's Suede Jackets

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Womens Brown Fur Suede Overcoat
Womens Brown Fur Suede Overcoat

Womens Brown Fur Suede Overcoat

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Fall In Love With Our Premium Women’s Suede Jackets 

Are you on the search for outerwear that is lightweight and instantly uplifts your outfit with a matchless flair? Then womens suede jackets are just what you need. Styling a suede jacket is foolproof: simply keep a few in your wardrobe, and toss one over any look to instantly enhance your appearance with minimal effort. The soft yet bold statement it makes adds a layer of sophistication to any woman's personality, ensuring you shine with confidence in any gathering. Thus, if you're thinking of expanding your closet to include suede leather jackets, you've come to the right place. Handmade by experienced artisans from 100% Real Suede, at Urban Jackets, we've made it affordable without cutting corners on quality

Where Does Suede Leather Come From?

Do you know why Suede is lightweight because it’s a type of leather that comes from the underside of animal skins? It's been around for about two hundred years, first originated when Swiss craftsmen used the more delicate part of animal hides. The bottom part of the leather is brushed, and the leather is cut to create the soft and popular suede leather.

Suede jackets for women became popular when they showed up on American fashion runways. Using special tanning techniques, buckskin and deerskin were sewn in a special way to make the suede we see today.

Why is a Suede Jacket Woman a must in your closet?

To invest in a Suede Jacket Women is a smart fashion choice for several reasons. First off all, real suede is durable. A suede jacket can last up to years with the right maintenance, making it a great addition to your OOTD. Plus, suede jackets are incredibly versatile. They're lightweight enough to wear through different seasons and can uplift any look, whether you're aiming for a sleek, sophisticated attire or something more casual and street-smart, these outerwear are perfect. If you are more into puffy and patterned designs then you must visit our women quilted jackets, they are more on the warmer side. 

Styling Your Women’s Suede Leather Jacket: The Dos and Don'ts

You can style your women's suede leather jacket effortlessly but here are a few tips to keep in mind to nail the perfect look.

The Dos:

  • Pick the Right Fit: Whether you are into snug-fitting biker jackets for women or prefer the classic vibe of a chic brown leather jacket, getting the ideal fit is crucial. Jackets with a tailored fit look amazing over dresses or with slim-fit bottoms, while bombers are great for a more relaxed look.
  • Choose Your Colors Wisely: While black is a classic choice for leather, suede looks exceptionally stunning in mustard or reddish brown too. It has a matchless elegance that really stands out. But don't shy away from color! Soft greens and blues can look stunning in suede.
  • Pair with the Right Clothes: Suede jackets look fantastic with a simple t-shirt and pants combo. Think light, breezy tops and pants in soft colors to complement the texture and hue of the suede.

The Don'ts:

  • Skip the Hood: Suede has a luxe look that doesn't always pair well with casual styles like hooded bombers. Stick to cleaner lines to keep your outfit looking chic
  • Avoid Bright Neons: Suede's beauty lies in its soft, matte finish. Neon colors can clash with this soft vibe, so it's best to stick to more natural shades.
  • Think Twice About Jeans or Shorts: While it might be tempting, suede jackets often look better with dress pants other than blue jeans or shorts. For a truly polished look, opt for trousers or skirts instead.


How Do I Take Care of My Suede Jacket?

Suede needs a little but accurate care. Store it properly, clean it gently, and remember, suede and rain don't mix well. Water can damage the suede's soft surface, so avoid it from water.

Are Suede Jackets Warm?

Suede jackets are great for milder weather like early fall. They're not designed for the dead of winter without extra layers, so plan your outfits accordingly.

What Shoes will look best with a Suede Jacket For Women?

For an edgy touch Brown Chelsea Boots with our suede shearling jacket will look best, as for more simple vibe white sneakers are the best.

Where can I buy Womens Suede jacket at a reasonable price? 

Urban Jacket is a well-known online store that offers a large selection of suede jacket women, at various price points and styles to suit multiple tastes. You can be confident while buying from Urban Jacket because we keep our word and offer authentic jackets made to the highest standards of quality and comfort.