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At Urban Jacket, the motive is quite simple and straightforward. To stay in vogue without stepping out of your budget. Our creators had one sole aim when they birthed Urban Jackets. And that was to provide any and every type of leather jacket and average leather aficionado could dream of without emptying up their pockets. Urban jacket is a leather galore with all kinds of styles for all kind of people, colors that compliment all skin tones and leather quality that sets you a class apart. Wear your Urban Jacket with grace and with confidence. We have crafted these superior quality jackets with a lot of love and our passion for our craft is evident in the designs we sell. We started of small but we hit it big. Today we have a large cult following, our passionate yet growing American clientele loves our impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Shoot your best shot, style your sexiest shirt with Urban Jacket and make the world be in awe of your immaculate style. We understand that mere black and brown may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, our variety of fashion choices for both men and women lets you play with cuts and colors to find the look that’s best for you. And if you are still struggling to choose between the blues and the brown, the black and the icy greens, we suggest heading over to our movie fanatic categories. Select the trendiest jacket styles based on your favorite TV and film actors and actresses and imitate the perfect fashionista look

What Does Urban Jacket Offer?

Living true to its name, Urban Jacket offers you the most timeless yet versatile leather pieces. With a keen infatuation with traditional brown and black racer and biker jackets, we know that the world of leather fashion is continuously evolving and changing. Therefore, we bring tou you everything that a leather lover could dream of. From the most timeless classics of bomber and Schott Perfecto styled jackets to trendier varsity and bomber jackets that imitate super hero energy, our jackets have gone weeks of rigorous curation and designing to bring to you the best of both worlds. The leather is of prime quality, ranging from slightly buffed suede leather to the much warmer and boujee sheepskin, the durability of our jackets is what our customers love us for.