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X-Men Leather Jackets

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Hugh Jackman Logan Movie Suede Leather Jacket
Hugh Jackman jacket in Logan

Hugh Jackman Logan Movie Suede Leather Jacket

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X-Men The Last Stand Wolverine Leather Jacket
X-Men The Last Stand Wolverine black Jacket


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Be Bold With Our Ultimate Marvel X Men Merchandise Collection

Marvel heroes are all iconic but some characters leave an impact on viewers' brains and last for eternity. X-men is one of those characters, the movie premiered in 2000 but is still ruling hearts cause marvel never stops at 1 the 20 year long run with 13 parts in total makes this movie series a hit globally.

Here we are for the audience who admired the X-men character to the fullest, we bring you the most sold high-end pieces from marvel x men merchandise. Handmade with real and faux leather both, preference is all yours. Real Leather for the actual sturdy feel and Faux leather for the ones who don’t like animal hide and want a more affordable option. We have got you covered! 

Why Are X Men Jackets More Than Just a Clothing Piece?

At Urban Jacket, these X Men jackets are handmade with attention to detail and quality, making them stand out in the world of pop culture fashion. They're a bridge between the world of comics and movies and the fashion industry, providing fans a real connection to their favorite characters. We know how much you admire your favorite character so we have given our 100% to present you this true depiction of these movie jackets. Making our customers happy is our first priority. That's why we have kept the price minimal while not compromising on quality.

Iconic X Men Leather Jackets Through the Ages

The X-Men series have undergone various transformations, from their first appearance in the comics to their latest movies. These changes are reflected in their costumes, which have evolved from simple designing to complex layered outfits that return their growth and journey.

Each era of X-Men history has its standout costumes, from evergreen X Men Wolverine Jacket to newest Deadpool Jackets. These remarkable elements have been adapted into wearable fashion that honors the essence of each character.

Make An Impactful Fashion Statement

Whether for a cosplay or a theme night party, make a lasting impression with our X Men leather jacket. This jacket is also an ultimate style inspiration for both formal events and casual outings. Its matchless design and attention to detail craftsmanship guarantee an effortless transition from day to night, uplifting your OOTD with compelling and powerful charm.

Create a persona of undeniable flair and effortlessly upgrade your attire, leaving a memorable impact wherever your adventures lead you.

Urban Jacket: Your One-Stop Solution:

Urban Jacket is about evergreen stylish leather cuts stitched together with care,  to give you the handmade leather jacket of your dreams. Whether you want to rock a theme night party with an avenger's leather jacket or want a biker jacket for ghost rider cosplay or have your style figured out, you've reached the best one-stop solution for all movies, tv-series and celebrity jackets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What material is used in X Men Jackets?
At Urban Jacket we use high-quality, 100% real leather for durability and style and for the ones who don't prefer animal hide we offer them a more affordable option that is faux leather.

2. How would I find tailors to make a custom down jacket?
You don't need to find any tailors to make a custom jacket because Urban Jacket has got you covered. We will design the jacket of your dream, whether it’s for you or for your loved ones. Just click the Custom button while selecting your size and we will contact you for further details . Please mind that custom orders may take 10 to 15 days as it requires a detailed eye, time and care.

3. How to determine my jacket size?
Here are some points to keep in mind while determining your jacket size;

  • Measure starting from shoulder bone to shoulder bone.
  • Cover the broadest portion of your chest with the tape.
  • Measure your sleeve length from the top of your shoulder to your wrist.
  • Lastly, measure your waist by wrapping the tape around the region of your belly button, make sure the measurement fits well but not too tight, allowing you some layering beneath the jacket.
    After your measurements see our size guide for absolute ideal fit.

4. What shoes should I wear with my x-men wolverine jacket?
For a rugged look, black leather combat boots will look amazing and for an easy go to vibe white sneakers are the best option.

5. Is there a return policy?
Yes! There is a 30 day return and exchange policy at Urban Jacket. Please mind that this is applicable only if the jacket is in its original condition and our brand tag is attached to it. Check our websites for detailed terms.