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3 Essential Leather Jacket Buying Guide Tips- The Only Guide You Need!

3 Essential Leather Jacket Buying Guide Tips- The Only Guide You Need!

Leather jackets have survived generations of style changes and fashion fusions. They are a classic yet trendy, all-season wardrobe staple.  

From the early humans who used animal hide to cover their skins to the 19th century aviators using leather bomber jackets in air combat, everyone loves leather. A rugged black can elevate any look. It can be styled in a myriad of ways. Get your hands on the right of men’s leather jacket and it would be fashionable and trendy for generations to come. 

It’s not just class and style that makes men’s leather jacket your best friend. But also the protection they bring along. Perfect for racers and bikers, these leather jackets are warm and protect you against the worst of scrapes. 

But picking the right leather fit is not everyone’s cup of tea. With our detailed expert insights we have compiled the most comprehensive leather jacket buying guide tips. 

How To Identify Superior Quality Leather?

Choosing the best leather type is an art in itself. A feat that only the most skilled artisans and connoisseurs would be able to master. We have boiled down the task into three simple steps: 

Step 1: Choose your animal skin 

Choosing what animal hide would be practical for you is imperative. It directly affects the price linked with your men’s leather jacket and the benefits it provides. If money is not your main concern we suggest going for softer and silkier lamb or calfskin leather. While the lambskin is soft and certainly less durable, the calfskin provides both softness and durability and is slightly pricier. If you want to step your style game further go for exotic hides of alligators and deer hides. These certainly look great but are over-priced and not exactly cruelty free. 

For a much more renegade style opt for a cowhide leather jacket that is durable and would shield your skin. It’s certainly not heavy on the pockets either. 

Step 2: Know your leather quality 

You may have heard of leather grading or classification based on its quality. Generally the more un-buffed a leather is, the more top quality and pricier it becomes. Full grain and top grain leather are the ultimate superior leather qualities. Full grain leather is untouched and retains original animal patters, blemishes and scars. It only has the animal hair removed and is thus very durable and water resistant. Full grain leather is slightly buffed for a smooth yet unblemished look. They are also thinner and more comfortable as they are split from the corium layer. They look especially great on men black leather jackets. 

This is followed by genuine leather that is of a lower quality. Corrected leather is of a subpar quality as it closely resembles faux leather. It’s ingrained with artificial grains to imitate original leather. 

Step 3: The perfect finish 

Just with any garment, the final touches to the product are just as important. For leather its finishing can either be aniline or semi aniline. If you want a more natural, animalistic appeal we suggest to go for an aniline finish. It preserves the originality of the leather whereas a semi-aniline finish gives an unblemished, smoother look. 

How To Find The Perfect Men’s Leather Jacket Style For You? 

You may already have fallen in love with a particular jacket style. Whether it is your biker friend who influenced you to buy a racer jacket or your favorite superhero donning the perfect bomber jacket, there are a variety of styles to choose from. 

If you have a chiseled physique we suggest going for the flight jacket. It’s chic and can be styled in a million ways. If you want comfort and warmth go for bomber jackets and its rib-knit technology that blocks wind. If you simply want to look hot go for the cult favorite racer jacket inspired by Marlon Brando’s Schott Perfecto. 

How To Tell If A Men’s Leather Jacket Is Top Quality? 

When it comes to leather jacket simply choosing the perfect leather material alone does not do the trick. You need to fall in love with the jacket but more importantly the jacket too should be in love with its wearer. It should hug the body seamlessly, and fit you to perfection. 

All this requires expert craftsmanship and the sturdiest stitches and silhouettes to cut the mark. Here’s everything you need to know when choosing the perfect leather jacket. 

The lesser the panels, the better 

An easy way to tell apart a good jacket from a subpar one is by its stitching. The less panels you see, the more expert your craftsman is. Alternatively, most leather jackets come with exterior stitching that gives a more fashionable look. This top-stitching is sexy and high quality especially if it used German thread. 

Lining determines your comfort 

We know all great things should not just look great but also feel great. Therefore, the quality and material of your jacket lining is an important factor to consider. Avoid synthetic lining that irritate the skin and instead opt for viscose or cotton that gives a comfortable feel throughout the year. 

Fitting rules the look 

A leather jacket that does not fit perfectly or flatters your stature is a big no. No one wants a sagging or drooping leather jacket that’s too long or too tight. To find the perfect size for you should be focusing on in these leather jacket buying guide tips. This leather jacket buying guide tips suggests finding the perfect style for your shape. 

The length. Ideally the length of the jacket should be near the waist with sleeves long enough to cover your wrists. The armholes should be your next target. Choose a size that is high but not too tight and allows you easy mobility without exposing your midrib. 

The detailing 

Leather jackets come with all sorts of detailing. If you want your clothes to standout go for high quality zippers and buttons that are heavy and hardcore giving you all that macho feels. 

The bottom-line 

Once you have found your perfect leather jacket, it should be relatively easy to style. However a fair degree of after care is still essential to make your jacket last. It’s going to prove to be your best companion giving you the perfect carte blanch look. For a quick start at the best place to buy leather jacket check out Urban 

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