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3 Ultimate Hacks For Cleaning Leather Jacket At Home

3 Ultimate Hacks For Cleaning Leather Jacket At Home

Worried that your leather jacket is ruined because of a drink stain while you were partying last night? 

Worry not. For we have you sorted on the complete hack on how to clean leather jacket at home. Make your jacket as perfect as new with these simple yet tried and tested methods. 

We all know that leather jackets come with hefty price tags. They can last in your wardrobe for ages if given the right care and love. You may have dreamed of looking like a film hero in a studded leather jacket or of passing down your favorite men’s bomber jacket to your son one day. 

But a stain on your jacket last night may have ruined your styling dreams. We bring to you everything you need to read about cleaning jacket at home. Keep reading below. 

Know That The Manufacturer Is Always Right 

There is a reason why they say that leather craftsmen and artisans are skilled leather fanatics. Almost all leather jackets come with labels that tell you about the quality and grading of the leather. If you’re jacket label says suede or nubuck leather we suggest driving straight to a leather specialist. This type of leather is exquisite. It’s grainy and made from the softest underside of animal hides. While certainly luxurious, this leather should not be treated at home or you risk damaging your favorite piece. 

But there is still good news. Chances are that your men’s bomber jacket is probably made from finished leather. This type of leather is treated with aniline to remove blemishes and gives the leather a stain resistant property. 

Once you know your leather type, it is important to know if the stain is just surface stain or it has seeped into the leather lining. Generally, a much more diluted stain would have seeped into your leather jacket interior making it slightly cumbersome to clean your men’s bomber jacket. The interior of any leather jacket may also need to be occasionally cleaned because of sweat and perspiration stains. 

Choose The Right Cleaning Material 

When it comes to cleaning your leather, using the right cleaning supply is key to achieve that new finished look. The ultimate hack here is to start with the mildest method and slowly build up if the stain proves to be tougher than you think it is.  

Water is your best friend 

For leather that has been properly kept, cleaning leather jacket is easier than ever. A softer stain could easily be removed with water and soap. Just dampen any smooth cotton cloth with water. Squeeze out the excess water and rub the stain in circular motions. Try to the feather the stain to prevent water blots. One tip to remember ids that love is key. The more gentle you are, the better results you would see.  

Dry out the jacket in a well-ventilated sunlight place. Avoid direct heat as it could damage animal skin. 

Cleaning powder to the rescue 

If soap and water fail to work, we bet that cleaning powder would do justice to your favorite women studded jacket. 

To begin cleaning your leather jacket dilute one part cleaning powder with 20 parts water. Mix well with lukewarm water to create a gentle magical solution. 

Once again use a sponge or microfiber towel to gently stroke the stain. Blot it with water taking extra care that a water stain does not form. You may need to put in several minutes of circular motion to ensure that the stain dissolves away. 

After cleaning leather jacket and once blotted, the jacket would have to be dried out. Use a leather conditioner to prevent the animal skin from drying and cracking up. 

Leather spray for special care and attention 

Your final savior for the day is going to be this leather spray. Formulated as a gel or spray, this leather specialist has ingredients to fight off tough stains without damaging your men’s bomber jacket. To begin with take any leather jacket like our Vintage Men's Black Leather Trucker Jacket or akira kaeda black jacket

Spray some leather spray or douse the leather gel on a piece of soft wet cloth. Use circular motions to clean the stain, making sure that you are not using excessive spray or gel. Once cleaned use a soft cloth to remove any excess of material. 

Dry it out and your favorite studded leather jacket is as good as new. 

The golden cleaning tip 

As with most mishaps in the world, sometimes the best strategy is protection rather than cure. Your leather jacket is no different. If you have a rowdy, careless personality and a high maintenance studded leather jacket is just simply too much to handle, we suggest you get your hands on a leather protection spray. 

It’s a simple, proven way to keep your leather secure from stains. It’s water repellant technology keeps away dirt and oil. What’s more, the spray or gel needs to applied once annually so you don’t have to worry about any frequent commitment. Neither would you have to go through extensive guidelines over how to clean leather jacket at home. 

Furthermore, there are certain low maintenance preventative tips that help you avoid the chances of damaging your favorite leather jacket. For instance, avoid using labels or pins on your jacket, it tears through the animal skin leaving behind scratches. Any sort of cologne should not be donned over your leather as the animal hide could react with the spirit leaving behind blotches. These are just small meaningful steps that keep your jacket looking fresh and new. 

The bottom-line 

Once you have properly treated your leather jacket you probably don’t want to go through the same kind of heartbreak and torture again. Therefore, we suggest that you store your jacket properly. Avoid storing your jacket in plastic bags because it promotes fungal growth that is harmful for your jacket. Also avoid any direct sunlight and make sure your jacket is well-kept in a ventilated place. A little care goes a long way! 

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