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How To Wear And Style A Men's Leather Jacket

How To Wear And Style A Men's Leather Jacket - Styling Tips You Need!!

Styling a leather jacket can be a menace? 

For some it’s a sophisticated endeavor, for others it’s a versatile yet minimalistic fashion choice. Whether it is your favorite wrestler, racer or biker or even if it is your celebrity style icon, punkstar or gangster, there are literally a thousand ways for styling a leather jacket. 

While it is all about experimentation, yet a little carelessness could overdo you fashion game. With leather there is a lot of room for going wrong, but there is also enormous potential to look your greatest self. 

We have rounded up leather jacket styling tips from the extreme basics to stylist secrets, this guide covers it all. Grab your pen and paper for an absolute styling leather jacket adventure. 

Styling A Leather Jacket

Learning how to style a leather jacket is important not just for your style game, however, it also is imperative to achieve the perfect vibe you are going for. Whether you want to go on a date night or are looking for winter office wear these leather jacket men’s style suit all your tastes. From preppy cute boy looks to the more grunge badass vibes, these styles are ideal for men of all types. 

But before reading out the guide below we suggest doing a preliminary analysis of what look you are going for. Having a basic idea on how you want your look to be would serve in your best interest. 

How To Style A Leather Jacket In Winters, Autumn And Summer 

While knowing what vibe you want is quite important and totally in your control, what’s not under your control is the weather. A leather jacket is ideal for autumn wear. Simply donning a black leather racer jacket with erect collars, is your perfect dreamy autumn look. 

Contrary to popular opinion, leather is not too hot for the summers. It can be worn at slightly higher temperatures provided that your jacket is lined with a breathable fabric such as cotton or viscose. A leather jacket can just as easily be worn with denim and a breathable T shirt during the summer season. 

For winters, our experts suggest pairing up your favorite leather jacket with a hoodie. To allow layering opt for a bomber jacket or even a slightly larger flight jacket. Our leather jacket styling tips say that black leather works best with grey hoodies. But you can alternatively match a black leather jacket with a neon hoodie for a chic and colorful young look. 

Play With Colors, Patterns And Designs 

Leather jackets come in a variety of cuts, silhouettes, patterns and designs. They can thus be styled in numerous ways to achieve any vibe that your heart craves. Following, our leather jacket styling tips are classified based on colored themes along with the ways to style distinct leather jackets. 

 Go Basic With Black Or Brown 

A black or brown leather jacket for men is the ideal vantage point to get started from. Most people prefer neutral, natural shades of animal hide to complete their look. Chances of you not having a black or blue leather jacket in your wardrobe are quite slim. 

A piece of the black leather jacket can be styled to achieve the perfect gangster look and can also be used for the perfect date night vibe. If you are heading out to meet your girlfriend, we suggest pairing a quilted black bomber jacket or a black flight jacket with shearling lining with a white T shirt. Black chinos or black ripped jeans would look perfect for a stylish night out. This look can also go well for a night out with friends and requires minimal effort. 

But if you are heading out on your heavy bike and want a bad boy look, use black on black like our men black leather jacket with silver jewelry and ripped jeans and you would have your gangster look sorted. 

For everyday winter officer wear, styling a leather jacket in brown should be your priority. Using various shades of brown layered on a nude cardigan and paired with neutral chinos is your ultimate look. It is timeless and classic and can be adorned with a designer muffler to complete the look. 

Be Bold With Trendy Colors 

If black and brown is not your cup of tea, if you want to be a little fearless with styling your leather jacket we suggest investing in a colored yet trendy leather piece. With a host of options from red to dark blue to military green and even neon colors, these chic leather jackets speak ultimate size. But when you are pairing a colored jacket make sure to use neutral, monochrome T-shirts and inner wear. Colored jackets speak of the ultimate urban style and our perfect for any daytime or nighttime look.  

Be Fearless And Opt For A Pattern Jacket 

If patchworks and colors and prints are more your style, then upgrade your look with pattern jackets. They look phenomenal on youngsters and adults alike. Just get your hands on a leather jacket with logos and detailing across the back and front and pair the piece with blue denim jeans. You can also go for a loose baggy fit cargo pants to go with your snug fit trendy leather jacket to achieve the perfect fashion look. 


Whether you want to go timeless and classic with leather or you simply want to experiment with your sense of style, these leather jacket styling tips will surely come in handy. It’s quite easy to style leather, you can dress it up or down. You can take inspiration from your favorite fashion icon or you can mix and match leather with other materials to achieve a style that exhibits you and your style in the best possible way. 

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