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leather jacket styles

Top 10 Leather Jackets Styles - Different Types of Leather Jackets

The super stylish and trendy men’s leather jackets have the ultimate attention of almost every man who endures highly fashionable styling and wearing leather jackets.    

In old times these were only used as a purpose of sports, races, soldiers’ dress wear, and army uniforms. But with time these leather jackets become so favorite with everyone that they become a huge fashion icon of the fashion wear. These leather jacket styles become so popular and famous. Celebrities and most social media influencers wear almost every kind of leather jacket. These leather jackets have become very common and timeless trendy fashion wear. Moreover, the durability and quality of leather jacket sales are irreplaceable.    

Urban Jacket has a huge variety and types of leather jackets in different styles and various colors. People who want to buy a leather jacket and have an interest in leather outfits but they have no idea about the types and styles of leather jackets should know some basic knowledge of different styles leather jackets before buying one for themselves.   

The features and benefits you will get with these leather jackets are because of their natural and organic leather material which is not offered by any other fabric material. These leather jackets are very conventional and common, this is why they are easily available in many different styles, and types of leather jackets. Not only leather jackets you will find among the people but also you will observe the many leather products including leather boots, leather handbags, leather accessories, and much more.   

Leather usually has a very unique smell. You will get so many options to choose from various kinds of designs and styles. In this article, you will know about types of leather jackets, which will help you to buy the best leather jackets for you.   

10 Different Types of Leather Jackets    

1. Biker and Motorcyclist Leather Jacket

The biker leather jackets are popularly made to endure heavy and rough wind conditions and these jackets are also water-resistant leather material. The main purpose of this leather is to prevent you from rain and harsh weather conditions and maintain your body heat and keep you warm. The biker and motorcyclist leather jacket are also termed as moto leather jacket. This leather jacket is the most popular style of leather jacket and is known for its different and unique designs. You can have this biker leather jacket in different multiple colors and styles.  The warmth and durability of this leather provide a shielding and a pleasant feel to bikers riding along roads and highways and also prevent themselves during harshness and tough weather. Biker jackets are available in different colors and styles however black is the most common color of them.   

2. Bomber Leather Jacket   

The bomber leather jackets and their types of leather jackets are iconic styles that are almost followed by everyone no matter what their age is.  The trend of leather bomber jackets is a so conventional and classical style that was commonly used by aviators. This kind of leather jacket is in demand because of its durable nature and reliability. It is popular for casual use in different styling, made from leather jackets offers lasting and iconic fashion. You can have these leather bomber jackets for both men’s and female’s wear. They have a vast open for zippers, buttons, or even both. Numerous leather jackets are also available with an option of collars.    

3. Hooded Leather Jacket   

The hooded leather jacket style is the type of leather jacket with a hoodie, it is usually designed with two to four pockets on the front of it to protect your tiny and important items safe with you, and these leather jackets are most common for hand warming pockets also.    

4. Varsity Leather Jackets 

The varsity leather jacket are popularly designed from calfskins since it is made up of a good warming texture, often lined on the side where the jacket straight touches the skin.  This type of leather jacket is depicted with the hot trending styles. They come out so popular because of their iconic and unique design. Varsity leather jackets are commonly known as collarless leather jackets. This type of leather jacket design is inspired by vested-style jackets. The top-styled leather jackets with no collars offer them a sexy look.  

5. Suede Leather Jacket

The material and texture of this leather are very soft and smooth, it mostly comes in brown. Suede leather is popular among fashionable people because of its unique and iconic designs. For men’s jacket style this leather is an ideal type of leather. Suede leather is usually made from polyester fibers which appear very cozy and smooth. However, this leather is mostly contained polyester fiber. And this makes it eco-friendly faux leather. Urban Jackets completely understands the popularity and high demand of suede leather for the ongoing and never-ending fashion of leather jackets and leather outfits.  

6. Café Racer Leather Jacket 

Bikers and motorcyclists keep their unique aura and attitude, they are identified by their unique style. Most bikers and motorcyclists like these café leather men’s jacket styles. They are highly demanded by riders and bikers. These leather jackets have a thin layer which provides them with a freestyle flow. They usually have a zip closure with buttons in collars. These types of leather jackets are usually known as café racer leather jackets. 

7. Leather Trench Coat 

Trenched leather coat is a type and unique leather jacket style for men. They generally are long in size which gives them a coat style. This coat prevents you from harsh and rough weather conditions. They are usually very popular among women who like to wear shorts and miniskirts, they prefer to have this trenched leather coat to cover their legs.  

8. Denim Jacket

This leather is a usual fashion iconic style and appears as a stylish and beauty icon. The Denim leather jacket are quite desirable for men. The denim leather is strong and it offers long-lasting quality. They are a style that gives you simplicity and fashion style in a single attire. 

9. Leather Blazer

This classic and business-class type of leather coat is a very unique in style. This leather blazer jacket is usually common in business and workplace environments for both males and females. They are very warm and casual leather jackets which commonly have single and double-button closures. 

10. Shearling Leather Jacket

This shearling leather jacket style for men are very trendy and was preferably used in fashion events and prom walk. Gradually, it becomes a fashion icon among the common people. You can say that this shearling leather jacket style become popular and influenced by celebrities and fashion models. It has an inner lining of shearling fur which gives them the name of a shearling leather jacket. This jacket style is very comfortable and worn in extremely cold and harsh weather. They are very smooth, cozy, and comfortable in fashion attire. Although you will usually get them at very expensive prices than other leather jackets. 


So the mentioned type of leather jacket might let you think about having a leather jacket for you. Make sure before purchasing any leather jacket, leather jacket’s styling tips you need to look for.   

FAQs About Types of Leather Jackets

  • What type of leather is high in fashion? 

The leather jackets which are thinner than other full grainy and top grainy leather. Usually, genuine leather type of jacket styles for men makes them trendy and timeless. This leather can be found in every leather item.  

  • Are leather jackets timeless fashion icons? 

No doubt that a leather jacket is trendy no matter what age and from what generation you belong to. Almost every individual will mark leather jackets as fashion-styling outfits. Not just for outfit purposes but leather is highly fashionable in covering everything. 

  • Which color of leather jacket is for men? 

Leather jackets are available in every color and shade of color. But the most common and popular color you will find in men’s jacket style is black and brown. These colors of leather jacket go for any occasion and never gets old. 

  • How to recognize if the kind of leather is durable or not? 

The texture, touch, and smell of the leather can easily tell you the quality of any leather. All you need to look for is the texture it is smooth without imperfections on the surface of it or rough. Good quality leather is usually smooth. The smell of good quality leather and best leather jackets is quite unusual. 

  • What is the ideal thickness of the leather jacket? 

For the leather jackets, the ideal thickness of the real leather jacket is at least 1.2 mm.  

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